About us

Our loose leaf teas and herbal infusions are made from the finest quality organic teas and herbs and are blended by hand in sunny Devon. We do not add any flavourings or colourings to our teas so you get all the flavour of the natural ingredients, just as nature intended.


The range includes a wide selection of black teas including our own blend of English Breakfast Tea "Propertea", a delicious home-made Earl Grey, our carefully crafted Dartmoor Caravan and a delicious citrus flavoured black tea called Teara.  We also offer a superb Oolong, smokey Lapsang Souchong, sublime Darjeeling, a Sencha Green Tea and other specialities such as Rooibos and herbal infusions.  


We supply both the catering and retail markets and have a wide range of customers including cafes, restaurants, hotels, delicatessen and farm shops.  Our retail packs are particularly attractive to hamper companies due to their light yet robust and colourful format.


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